8 ways to use panelling in your home

8 ways to use panelling in your home

Jun 06, 2024

Conceal a Door with Paneling

By integrating floor-to-ceiling paneling on your walls, you can cleverly hide a door leading to a secret room. The seamless blending of the door into the paneling creates a sophisticated space that adds an elegant touch to your home.

Explore Wooden Paneling

For a cozy, rustic atmosphere, consider adorning your walls with wooden paneling. This natural element brings warmth into your home, serving as a stylish backdrop that requires no additional painting. In a home designed by Pam Maher Design, character-grade white oak paneling was used in the dining room and other areas, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.

Enhance Your Staircase with Paneling

Paneling isn't limited to main rooms; it can also elevate a staircase's appearance. Showcasing the beauty of wall paneling along the staircase adds visual interest to your home's architectural elements.

Match Paneling with House Era

When selecting paneling designs for your home, aim for compatibility with the house's architectural period. While not essential to match eras precisely, researching and selecting paneling that harmonizes with the house's style can enhance its overall aesthetic appeal.

Get Creative with Wall Panels

For a modern take on paneling, experiment with vibrant colors on the lower half of the wall and incorporate geometric shapes for added texture. These creative approaches infuse personality and contemporary flair into your space.

Consider Wainscoting for Busy Areas

Wainscoting is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like entrance halls and powder rooms. Not only does it allow for color and wallpaper experimentation, but it also offers practical benefits by protecting walls from wear and tear.

Play with Color

Combinations Mixing traditional and modern designs through wainscoting can invigorate your space. Whether opting for bold hues or classic white, coordinating the color tones between the paneling and wallpaper creates a cohesive and visually appealing ambiance

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