Installation Guides 

- Slat by Profile Panels 

- Slat (Exterior) by Profile Panels - Coming soon

- Crete by Profile Panels - Coming soon

- Flex by Profile Panels - Coming soon 

- Opulence by Profile Panels - Coming soon



More info - Profile Slat: 

Profile Slat Panels are Simple. Installation is EASY for all levels of DIY. All you need is a saw and the ability to screw through the felt into the wall using our black screws. Alternatively the fast grab glue we have works great for a hidden fixing look!

Don't have a saw?

We can pre-cut our Panels to any length you need within 2700mm! More information HERE.

Professional Install - Profile Slat

We provide professional install with our team from Profile Homes within the Auckland Region. Contact us for a quote or visit our online booking page HERE

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