Q: How much glue do I need per panel? 

A: One tube is enough for 2 panels.


Q: Can I get a professional to install? 

A: Absolutely. If you are located in Auckland our team of professionals from Profile Homes LTD can give you a free installation quote. You can see some of their work on their website - www.profilehomesltd.co.nz 


Q: How many square meters does a panel cover? 

A: 1.62sqm


Q: Can I get sheets custom cut?

A: Absolutely. You can put a custom size in on the product page and a $10 cutting fee will be automatically added per sheet. For other custom cutting requirements please contact us. Sales@profilepanels.co.nz


Q: How many screws per sheet?

A: We recommend 12-18 screws per sheet. 


Q: Do I need a special tool to cut the sheets? 

A: Absolutely not. A fine tooth handsaw or circular saw will be perfect. But for $10 each cut we could cut them for you? ;)


Q: Do you sell LED lights to go between the timber lamellas?

A: They are coming soon! Stay tuned….


Q: How long do samples take to courier?

A: Samples are shipped everyday and take between 1-5 days to arrive.


Q: Should I glue or screw? 

A: We recommend using screws on walls with plasterboard as glue can cause damage if you decided to remove panels or need to adjust after install.


Q: How much does a sheet weight?

A: Each sheet weights 13kg


Q: What is the size between lamellas?

A: The gap between the lamellas is 13mm. 

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