Elevate your home with these five decorative wall panelling ideas

Elevate your home with these five decorative wall panelling ideas

Jun 06, 2024

With textural materials catching the eyes of interior designers worldwide, it’s no surprise that decorative panelling is a popular choice inside and outside the home. Boasting the largest range of styles and colours available in New Zealand, Profile Panels share five ways to create interest with panelling in your space.

Whether you’re taking inspiration from mid-century modern, japandi, or contemporary eclectic design styles, feature wall panelling is a great way to add texture and visual interest to your space. Often the term ‘wall panelling’ conjures images of timber panels. However, with Profile Panels’ range of materials, the options are broad, allowing for anything from the classic white oak look to board-formed concrete.

“We have the largest range of styles and colours on the market in New Zealand — our standard size is 2700 mm tall, going up to 3000 mm — and we offer direct-to-door shipping nationwide, with an installation service in Auckland,” says Cameron Ellin of Profile Panels.

This collection features both indoor and outdoor panels, alongside the ‘crete’ range — a concrete and fibreglass panel that offers real concrete texture with a fraction of the weight and thickness — and a ‘linear’ range that, once sealed, can be used in wet areas and on curved surfaces.

Though typically called ‘wall panelling’, we say don’t let the word ‘wall’ fool you; Profile Panels can be applied to a variety of surfaces inside and outside the home. To kick-start your moodboarding, Cameron Ellin shares five creative ideas for panelling with ArchiPro.

One: Kitchen Island

The base of your kitchen island provides a great opportunity to create a point of difference, especially if you’re opting for a lot of tile or smooth surfaces in other parts of the kitchen.

“Our Linear Flex Waved panel is a common choice for breakfast bars. With the sheets cut into 900 mm pieces it’s very cost effective,” Ellin says.

Suitable for curved or unconventionally shaped walls, the Linear Flex Waved range can bend effortlessly around the base of your kitchen island. Choose from a natural oak finish or a primed finish that comes ready for a coat of paint.

Two: Home Exterior

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant solution to cover up materials or utilities outside, or you just want to add a panelled feature wall, the Slat Exterior is ideal.

“The Slat Exterior can be used to cover up older timber, breezeblock retaining walls, and fences easily. If the fence is suitable, the panels can be attached directly.”

Designed to give you the look of natural timber without the maintenance, the Slat Exterior is made from a Wood Plastic Composite that looks extremely realistic.

Three: Fireplace

Changing the dynamics of a space instantly with an aged, real concrete appearance, the Board Formed Crete Panels are a great addition to any fireplace, indoor or outdoor.

“Board Formed Crete is popular on fireplaces as it creates the look of concrete but comes in a panel form. The sheets are made from concrete with a fibreglass core, and can also be used outside,” Ellin explains.

Perfect for the current media wall fireplace trend, Ellin adds, “You can also install lightweight artwork directly to the panels, and any shelves, TVs, and other heavier fixtures with the support of a stud.”

Four: Ceiling

Though feature walls are still a common choice for designers and homeowners looking to add interest to their space, feature ceilings are on the rise, with many people opting for a bold colour, timber panels, or a combination of the two.

“Slat Interior is popular on raking ceilings to warm up large, open spaces. Decorative joins can be used to extend panels or accommodate LED lights,” Ellin says.

Profile Panels’ Slat Interior Acoustic Panelling has a recycled polyester acoustic backing, helping to reduce reverberated noise. For open-plan kitchen, living, and dining spaces — particularly those with high ceilings or hard floors that reflect noise — acoustic panels will soften the space and create a more comfortable environment.

Five: Bedroom

The half-height feature wall is picking up steam as a trendy alternative to traditional headboards, with timber panels a common material selection.

“Half-height headboards are an increasingly popular way to give your bedroom a makeover without spending too much money. We recommend the Linear Flex Waved panels or the Slat in White Oak behind the bed to bring warmth into the space.”

With an acoustic backing, the Slat is a great choice for restless sleepers. Plus, with light fixtures and shelving an easy addition, you can create an elegant, hotel-style headboard in a weekend.


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