Acoustic vs Non-Acoustic Panels

Acoustic vs Non-Acoustic Panels

Jun 06, 2024

Acoustic and Non-Acoustic Options

Our wood wall panels, initially launched with premium acoustic properties, have exceeded expectations across New Zealand. Catering to various needs, we offer both acoustic and non-acoustic panels. Visually similar, the difference lies in the backing material: acoustic panels have a recycled, flexible felt-like backing for sound absorption, while non-acoustic panels feature a rigid MDF back.

Acoustic Panels: Sound Reduction and Insulation
Acoustic wood wall panels significantly reduce sound levels and noise reverberation between walls, floors, ceilings, and even adjacent properties. These panels are designed to enhance acoustic comfort, making them ideal for spaces requiring noise control. Both acoustic and non-acoustic panels also provide thermal insulation, retaining heat during cooler months and reducing heat ingress during warmer months.

Versatility and Applications of Wood Wall Panels
Suitable for almost any interior space, our wood wall panels can be used on ceilings and in weather-resistant garden rooms, adapting to various home environments. Whether for acoustic soundproofing or purely aesthetic purposes, our panels transform homes with stylish and functional solutions, now available in both acoustic and non-acoustic versions.

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