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Profile Slat Acoustic Panelling - Washed Oak

$135.00 $180.00


Profile Slat Panels have been used to create gorgeous feature walls and ceilings throughout homes and offices. They change the look of the room visually and with the acoustic polyester backing our clients enjoy the benefits of sound dampening and removed reverberation. 

Note: Colour can vary between device screens, ordering samples are best for colour matching.

Class A Sound Absorption*

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Washed Oak - 2700x600x21mm

Veneer: Timber - Technological Veneer (Finished with a Clear UV coating
Core - Black MDF (FSC Certified - Sustainable Forestry)
Backing - Black Polyester Felt (GRC Certified - Made from Recycled Plastics)

Freight times vary by location.


  • Northland: 1-3 business days
  • Southland: 2-5 business days

Palletised Freight/Panels:

  • Northland: 1-4 business days
  • Southland: 2-7 business days

Free shipping applies only to the Modu Range. Adding non-eligible items will incur a shipping cost.

Freight sent by Profile Panels is insured against damages. Clear access is required for a truck with dimensions of 7.7m (L), 3.3m (H), and 2.5m (W). The delivery area must have a flat surface (e.g., no gravel, grass, or similar surfaces). If clear and flat access is not available, an additional delivery fee may apply.

Please note: Due to the size of the products, MainFreight deliveries may require customer assistance with unloading.

Professional Installation

If you are located in Auckland, our team of professionals from Profile Homes LTD can provide you with a free installation quote. You can see some of their work on their website:

DIY Installation - Slat Interior

Q: How much glue do I need per panel?

  • A: One tube is enough for 2 panels.

Q: How many screws per sheet?

  • A: We recommend 12-18 screws per sheet.

Q: Do I need a special tool to cut the sheets?

  • A: No special tools are required. A fine tooth handsaw or circular saw works perfectly. Alternatively, we can cut them for you at $10 per cut.

Q: Should I use glue or screws?

  • A: We recommend using screws on walls with plasterboard. Glue can cause damage if you need to remove or adjust the panels after installation.